Thursday, January 20, 2011

360 degrees

Some of the finest Shul of Rockers (missing: J.J., Benjito, Tamara)

After five and a half years, and 360 posts, it seems that this blog has truly come full circle. When Mr. T and I first came up with the idea of a site called Shul of Rock, we had the goal of crafting a t-shirt empire, with the blog as an afterthought. Instead, it became a blog... and so much more. It has been a repository of original videos, a photo gallery, a love advice column, and a community.

We've laughed together; we've cried together; we've put up with my random online musings together. When we needed comedic love advice, Dr. Love was always there for us.

As I have alluded to in the past, this site helped form a social network for my friends and I to share and discuss things prior to the invention of Mark Zuckerberg's privacy-swiping Facebook empire. It filled a natural need. In the last five years, some of us have completed university degrees, started businesses, ended relationships, started new relationships, become engaged to be wed, married, moved across the world, and embarked on interesting careers. We've come a long way! Who knows what the next five years will bring?

This site will no longer be actively maintained, but it will remain online, with all posts and comments intact. The archive is fully searchable and contains hundreds of interesting posts and images for your perusal. It's a time capsule of the beginning of the 21st century in some ways, with cultural and political insights that will be fun to revisit as time marches on. The YouTube channel will continue to be updated periodically.

I am now putting my efforts into a new website that will serve as a more 'professional blog', with the hope that this could actually benefit my career. It will have longer, researched articles, as well as several dedicated pages featuring other content. When I want to reach my friends, I'll stick to using Facebook. I did pick up random anonymous readers over the years who came and went, and I'll miss having strangers commenting on my thoughts. It was always interesting.

Thank you to the thousands of visitors, but most importantly, thank you to my friends.

In May 2005, I opened the Shul of Rock by writing: "In Hebrew, a shul is known as a 'beit ha'knesset', or house of congregation. It's a place to come together, and a place to learn."

I learned a lot.

Keep on rocking!


Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Original J-Town Diaries Theme Song

The J-Town Diaries is a (currently) six episode web series about Noam and Avi, two guys from Toronto who wind up living, traveling and working in Israel for 6 months.

The fan-favourite has always been episode 2 (see below for an embed), but before any episodes were ever shot, there was an idea for an original theme song to introduce each instalment. This never materialized, but after more than two and a half-years, I've found the original notebook in which it was scribbled, and for the first time ever, I wish to introduce the lyrics to the aborted song. You'll have to imagine the beat and tempo yourself. Good luck. Here goes:

Two dudes - from Toronto
Done school - wanted a change of scene.
Went down to the airport -
got some tickets to Tel Aviv.

Worked on their Hebrew skills-
Lived on a kibbutz like slobs.
Bounced over to Jerusalem -
Landed themselves some crazy jobs.

(insane acoustic guitar riffs. Notes say 'G-F-C' for lead-in)

Noam works at a Museum-
thinks that he's Indiana Jones.
Walks around wearing a funny hat-
He gets excited when he finds old bones.

Avi's job is in a research center-
and that's all he can really say.
If he told you what he does,
he'd have to kill you. (1-2-1-2-3 time drum beat two times)

J! Town! Diaries!
J! Town! Diaries!

These two guys from Toronto
live near the West Bank.
One of their closest friends, commands an Israeli tank.

AND... Did we mention that they share their building with a math slash bellydance teacher?
Well, they share
their building with a math slash bellydance teacher.
They also live with an Aussies, some French and some folks from the USA.
Everyone wants to party,
but they've all got work the next day.

So if you've never been to the neighbourhood,
or are just looking for another round.
Be sure to make a visit,
to a place called J-Town!

J! Town! Diaries!
J! Town! Diaries!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First time for everything

I just had my first ride in a car with diplomatic plates. If the car had hit a pedestrian, there would have been no legal repercussions! Thankfully, no pedestrians were harmed.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Not cool

"Hello my fellow Herzelians"

Hey Folks,

Taking a one month hiatus without announcing it is really not cool.

Just passing through a tumultuous patch right now, but in a little while things will be normalized. At the tail end of my MA program and the deadlines are hitting me fast and furious.

I've got so much I should be sharing on here. This blog is a great outlet for me to drop all kinds of talk about the current Israel/Palestinian peace talks, the latest going-ons in Canada, and juicy tidbits from the dark streets of Herzliya.

And you know, I'm hoping on editing some new videos to share with you too. All in good time.
But for now, please sit tight, and come back for a visit in a little while and we'll get this baby back on track.

No need to buy tickets for high holiday services at the Shul of Rock. This joint is free. And unfortunately, at this very moment, you are getting what you paid for!

But that'll change. Just believe in me. Someone's gotta!

- Mr. Avi

Sunday, August 01, 2010

OK Go presents 'End Love'

This music video is fantastic. Just sit back and enjoy!

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